Comparative analysis

I found this suggestion in a paper from 1975 in Kurz und Gut (Konstanz?) by the two doctors Ottomar und Malte Neuss. The article is equally distributed between a part 1: Kryptogramm eines Kalenders, 3 pages. For most part an account of the disc and an examination of Egyptian and Babylonian calendars, rounded off by an "obiter dictum" saying: "Zweimal die Seite A und einmal die Seite B macht: 123+123+119=365 Hieroglyphen". The two initial glyphs (g) are unrecognized, while A08 preserves its fragmented final glyph. The Neuss team could not find 30+30+30+30 glyphs, or four months for both sides. They found side A with 62+61 days and side B with 60+59 days. Conclusion: Six double months of 365 days. The paper has a part 2: Interpretation eines Kulttextes aus Kreta, 8 pages. Ottomar und Malte Neuss prefered using 3 times more space on their Greek translation in Kurz und Gut. Again concentrated on a general introduction about ancient script perhaps because there was so little to say about the mysterious Phaistos disc in 1975? in all respect. The problem can be turned around by recycling side B instead, just accept the dotted dividers as glyphs, still A08=5 glyphs. B+B+A =120+120+124 =364. The idea of the Doctors has yet another variant. If you remove the final glyph in A08, and you recognize the two initial majuscles in A01 and B01, then you get this related idea. A+A+B=not 365, but 123+123+120=366. The 4 double months will be: 62,61,61,59.
Realistically the final glyph in A08 could have been obliterated by purpose by the designer of the disc, and there is no argument for ruling out, that the two initial dividers with five dots in front of A01 and B01 should not count as glyphs on equal footing with the rest (no-one to ask). If this is the case, then the only correction to be made for the proposal above is to remove the dove in A23. This is what is obtained :
There is this one reason why to remove the dove from A23, it is splitting one of the 70 "sacred" stems, /Z&/ =/Zc&/. A notion tells me that the dove in A23 could be the fixed marker for the pawn that rules the game. The re-use of side A counts 364 glyphs. Another way is to count the dividers and arcs of the sign-groups as units! A+B+C=122+120+122=364.

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