22 pair of stem sign-groups

In this moon calendar I have replaced the eleven reduced sign-groups (they do not contain any stems), those eleven are composed of 30 +29 signs, as seen in the figure below, and are placed as the two last lines.

The ten lunations at the top are the 50 stem sign-groups -They are arranged in such a way, so that the components of the 22 pair of sign-groups, having contact with each other; besides, no method have been used.

In the right margin the eleven signs, which were removed to make this calendar arrangement a possibility, with its 12 lunations of alternating 29 and 30 days, and 5 weeks per month. Moreover these eleven characters add 11 days to the 12 lunations of 354 days, so catching up with the 365-day year.

N.B. This eleven signs are absent too in the gnomonical arrangement.


For the first time the fundamental numbers of 61 containers and the contents of 244 units, known from the Phaistos disc are rediscovered in another calendrical construction; -that is the hollow step-pyramid.



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Det er uforståeligt for mig, hvorfor udstillingen af den 'tvivlfri' løsning af Phaistos skivens kalender giver en nul-reaktion (ingen e-mail),

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