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A Phaistos disc' Anatomy tablet.

Herostratus was a 4th-century BC Greek arsonist, who sought notoriety by destroying the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.. Thus, Herostratus has become a metonym for someone who commits a criminal act in order to become famous … Damnatio memoriae (Wikipedia).

The Phaistos Dischromatopsia.

How come, that university celebrities amongst have got all those nerves against making an happy end of a mystery solved ?

By the aid of more logical methods of abbreviations, I've arrived to the unavoidable conclusion, that this famous item is an Old-Cretan calendar.

The Phaistos disc problem is!  solved.

To soothe one's envy by seriously obstructing another persons luck in life, should be no man's choice. -Enjoy the event instead!

   A myth inside of a myth.
The possibility that Plato (427-347 B.C.) in his myth, about 10,000 years old events from Atlantis had confused ,that those people did arrive as fugitives from a catastrophe from the west of the Pillars of Heracles, with that they  just  arrived as western explorers that had settled down in north Africa and at the Aegean islands for several thousands of years The actual disaster may have been the eruption of the volcano of Santorini (1613 B.C.). This could make the Atlanteans be Mediterranean residents, even Minoans, and the Phaistos disc be a sophisticated 260 days tzolkin  from a Mesoamerican civilization: The Calendar of Atlantis.

The ANSWER to the Phaistos disc

How would yoe define a discovery? If you made a seldom one yourself, it goes like: In a dream by night you encounter a tree with golden leaves, and you fill up your back with those leaves. Then you go home and hide the gold in your drawer.
In the morning when you rise to the day, you remember the dream and go to the drawer in exitement, you unlock it; and you are not getting disappointed. A dream has materialized! -That is what you walk all over with your boots ...

Ariadne's thread

This video clip brings the message once again, that the system of reduced elements has a mirror image by way of the grid of the sign-groups, which immediately reveals:

12 months of 29 days, each month subdivided into 5 weeks.

p.s. great discoveries allways turn out with a simple expression (E=mc^2)

Hørt i børnehaven: Øv, det vidste vi da osse godt, vi ville bare ikke sige det til nogen ...

Ariadne's Kiss

All my efforts, to get my spectacular solution to this prestige loaded riddle in the media, have only met failure.

I wish, I could find a reporter, who would take the task on his shoulders to investigate, and find out what went wrong, -what is going on?

 Antallet af buer og membraner er identiske med antallet af fraværende enheder i part A og B tilsammen.

 The Minoan Calendar founded in Gold.

Denne tegning, som iøvrigt kan vendes på hovedet, eller på siden som her, uden at tydeligheden forringes, er en afbildning af de 4 kvadranter i kalendercirklen.

Lad mig endnu engang kort skitsere opbygningen af "den alternative kalender". De orange dobbelte felter med kurve i er tomrum mel-lem stammerne, hvor der ellers sidder et, af stammer, isoleret tegn. sådanne 60 isolerede tegn er forkortede med een enhed, markeret med enkeltstående felter med orange kurve med stammegruppenumrene, 0,1,2,3. Måske er der ikke 60 forkortede enheder, men 104, men 44 af dem er her kombineret til 22 dobbelte konstruktioner, der ikke genfindes i modsætning til de 70 stammer. Denne logiske og rytmiske opbygningen af skivens ’optegnelser’, medfører i princippet 365 enheder i alt.:

70 stammer*2=140 enh., 22 combier*2= 44 enh., 22 vacua*2= 44 enh., 60 fork.tegn*2 =120 enh., plus 17 finale rids.

Et sådant gennemført og minutiøst regelsæt af 29 enheder tolv gange (i skiftevis 7 eller 8 tegngrupper) kalder man på min hjemegn for en kalendarisk konstruktion, og ikke for en oldtids-tekst; men de ærede professorer taler måske en anden dialekt?

For this video I have used LEGO designer 4.3

Mickey Mouse & The Phaistos Disc & Johann Strauss

The forgotten symbols of the Phaistos disc

Let us conclude as a fact (to stop a nightmare) that the space is never eternal of varieties, only in depth, and that the earth is not flat, but round ...

Richard Feynman received the Nobel Price in fysics in 1965 by translating into curve-diagrams -Paul Diracs terrible complex calculations for quantum-mechanics. Diracs was worthy of the same Price in 1933.

Sir Andrew Wiles was nominated the’ Clay Research Award’ in 1999, thanks to Pierre de Fermat. I am still hoping to receive the "Mickey Mouse reward" for my deciphering of the Phaistos disc,- one of the most prestige-loaded riddles during a century.

P,S. It is important for me to call out, that this is done against me, by a disturbed person 'into real life', this is not Disney world!

Ave Maria. - .Schubert

In the early nineteen-eighties, I consulted the university libraries. And Günther Neumann’s "Zum Forchungsstand beim ’Diskos von Phaistos’. Kadmos, 1968., told me that my discovery of the 22 stem-forms was unknown untill then. By the same token, Leon Pomerance’s "An interpretation of Astronomical symbols". Paul Åstrøms förlag, 1976., assured me that all my ideas were brand new!

In 1989 I did sent my manuscript, inclusive "The peacock-calendar". to the very expert of ancient Cretan writings, the late Dr. John Chadwick  In his replying post it was clear that my ideas were new to him, and that he was sceptical, afterall he kept my manuscripts. Hopefully he has taken some notes on my sendings

Jafet Lyberth Noes

Augustine underholder typisk, når mærkedage fejres, -derfor de mange øldåser. !-)

Ad notam

The Universty press’ demand you to have an academic degree, if a publication (1985-2016).And on the other hand the popular scientifical magasins, ask for, that your research has been accepted by scholars. So, as you see my friend, the doors are closed! ...

Though this should never restrict scholars from expressing their enthusiasm for a big discovery in public. Otherwise a selfdelusive, even numb, thievery is underway.

P.S. I am looking forward to the loudly announcement, that my breaking solution to this prestige loaded riddle is confirmed.

Sincerely Ole Hagen

One for Jo. by Bert Jansch

The ballad "One for Jo" incl. of the lyrics. - I found it on his album: L.A. turnaround (1974).A cheerful song, with an almost impossible rhytm.

There is no comparison between the common process of getting familiar with an inscription, for instance by recognizing that B22 and B29 are somehow related groups, or to observe that B21 is a repetiton of B26 etc. (cf. Günther Ibsen, 1926. -followed up by Leon Pomerance, 1976), contra the process of realising the absolute amount of 70 stem-elements of 'always' two signs, these are a countable and sophisticated product.

My drawings are all monumental, and could easily stand for themselves as notifications, in what ever periodical you choose. In that they are direct consequences of the 70 stems. All leading to the 365-day calendar.

Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja. -Amadeus Mozart

Mozart invented the klockenheimer method, which is working well on all chords.

My website is after all on the internet!

you will find 'the very solution to the Phaistos disc ' ranging as number sixty seven on 'google search'. who will ever seek that deep? What a histronical circus!

It is sometimes useful to think 'topologically'.


All my bare wires, John Mayall

3 greenlandian songs by Augustine Lyberth

Tidligere harpunfisker, nu entertainer, bosiddende i Danmark,

" Agu" forsøger sig uvant med min ukuele.

Redigeret af Ole Hagen

Blackbird. -Paul McCartney

Når du vinder 1.000.000 $ i lotteriet på dit livs investering, og når udbetalingen af gevinsten nægtes dig forbryderisk; Så holdes du i en situation, der er parallel med, at miste et barn i en meningsløs ulykke; Selv efter 30 år er tabet stadig uafvigeligt nærværende.

nocturne- by chopin- guitar

A nightmare of mine

Reaction 1) Telephone rings. Hello? Have you heard?, that the clue to the Phaistos disc is as simple as to define a stem, as two signs, which repeat in another sign-group. And it works! We shall do our best to keep the discoverer black-listed, and hinting some non-existing difficulties etc. Bingo! this will be the great chance in our lifetime.

N.B. If not one hundred then a thousand heads should defeat the single one. Yes, but can you rely on this to come about each time?... [Obviously those plain persons calculated their own ability, in competition with an international community, as equal to zero!].

Reaction 2) Telephone rings: Hello, I am the Editors friend, allow me to use five minutes of my life to help another person. I have just received a request from the lucky discoverer of the key to the Phaistos disc, and I stand as guarantee, that this is the long-awaited turning point. So do me the favour please to announce this high priority sensation in the next volume of your periodical. It is a question of the survival of the reliability and ethics of our epoch.

Nota Bene Please, receive my message well. - Not to do so, is equal to present yourself with my achievement with no right. Doing so anyway is an act of cannibalism; hope it won't paste.

Was'nt I lurked into taking the consequences of my discovery on my own? ( how should I have rejected?), this was never my intention! May those Eurystheus alike hypocrites be exposed.

This is not a myth, it was done into the real world.

Ole Hagen. Dyrskuevej 31. Aalborg S.V. tlf: +4531164690. E-mail :

Bert Jansch -Birthday Blues

An episod from a prelapsarian time. Arriving from Greek after the excavation of the latest discovered portion of Pylos tablets in 1953, professor Blegen, as the first, verlooked and filed the findings. He was disturbed by the 641th tablet, and decided to try it with Ventris' grid. When realising its importance, because of the accordance between the determinatives and the text, the professor immediately posted a copy to the amateur philologist Michael Ventris for his information . . .

The theme from Sugar plump fairy . - by Tchakovsky

Just another theme from one of the great composers, played by an amateur

To play chess on a non-magnetic mini board, same seize as the disc, is a mess! To suggest that the Phaistos disc is a functional game board is unrealistic, -left alone its seize. Besides, the depths of its imprints make the spiral complete bumpy. So unless the clay plaque hides an iron core to attach some imaginary magnetic pawns, I would strongly rule out this idea. -Has an iron cap inside the disc been detected ? Otherwise forget it! -Neither believe in elfies or faries, or alike.

Breathing the Air with Johann Sebastian Bach

Reynardine.- Bert Jansch

The Moon has its shadows. This inscription has its shadowed signs too. Now, please do not let my discovery of the Minoan calendar be shadowed, by that reason.

Ad notam.

My attribute, in thankfulness for being born, I sometimes think, was to prepare my life for opening up the Phaistos disc' famous riddle from Europe's cradle. All other of my promissing projects from my work-bench was destroyed in 2006, learned by bad experiences, to avoid further infringements from the organized thimple-riggers. The false signal they bring around, that my efforts have no value (so electronically black-listed), costing me enerving obstrucles with lack of meaning. Have you ever thought about, that a very high percent of all fine litterature, are written out of the purpose to warn against the cathastophes, into God-given lives, effected by such arrogant fellows, believing themselves better than others by no sane reason, than a bag of cold mammon? -No one is allowed to take patent on anothers luck, or falsely doom the importance of others works. A job-searching situation will normally be overcome in about one feverish month. -Thirty years I've been tortured by those wrong doers, doing their eternal mistake. Consider me 'A Marathon man'. -This one classical and parallel example from literature, "John Steinbeck : The pearl".

Michael Ventris introduced his grid of syllables for linear B in 1950

I announced my refinement of the Phaistos disc inscription, through my discovery of the 22 stemforms, in 1985.

The offering stone from Malia and the Phaistos Disc

Kalender forståelse v.h.a. mønstre, der afslører brøkregning og begrebet nul. I overensstemmelse med Faistos-skive kalenderen.

I get the blues when it rains & It is daybreak

. So if I had had a mild fortune, my humble request complied with from the start for an international publication of my coded alphabetic notation of the stems, those exact same consequences would have been confirmed from every quarter of the globe by honest people in a matter of months. Now ridders of my fortune rule instead.

It was never meant to be a single mans job to unravel the entire consequences of the 22 stem-forms. It was meant to be a co-operation between honest people with the aim to obtain an agreement and a confirmation of my solution in the most efficient way, and in haste.

Bourree in E minor by J.S.Bach

The University press’ demand you to have an academic degree, if a publication (1985-2016) And on the other hand the popular scientific magasins, ask for, that your research has been accepted by scholars. So, as you see my friend, the doors are closed. -My discovery is serious and ground-breaking! The 70 stems lead to a calendar of 12 lunations, each with 29 days, which are divided into 5 weeks.

The Phaistos disc at the end of the road

Sésame, ouvre-toi !!

The astonishing key to the Phaistos disc calendar was

A sign counts one day

A frame counts two days

Count 5 cartouches at a time.

Salut francais, s'il vous plait !

The squaring of the circle

The quadrature of the (calendar) circle

Related files:

The Phaistos disc compared to Egypt calendars

This is a combination of two of my earlier calendar variations, and it happens to fall out with a perfect result !

The trepartition of the calendar known from Egypt, could be:

Side A 120 signs included the 5 dots.

Side B 120 dots included the 5 dots.

And the skeleton of 120 dividers and arcs.

Phaistos Disc, Senet and, the Moon.

Thoth earned the extra five days of the 365-day calendar by gambling with Khonsu in a game of senet. He won a portion of light from the moon (1/72) which equated to five new days.

Fermat's third theorem: xª +yª =zª, ª is higher than 2, can not be done. This problem withstood for about 350 years. The Phaistos disc theorem: A² +B² +C² =365. Stood for 100 years (?). -To be called the quadrature of the (calendar) circle.- My definition.

The final conclusion to the Minoan calendar

The disc decomposed into its 365 constituents.

This video is the start of a series over my final refinement of

this Minoan calendar,which is based on my 22 stem-forms!

The 70 stems lead to a calendar of 12 months, each with 29 days, which are divided into 5 weeks.

The 61 cartouches of the Phaistos disc

The disc decomposed into its 365 constituents
All truth passes through three stages.
(first, it is ridiculed. (second, it is violently opposed. (third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - A. Schopenhauer

1.from swan lake

In any cryptanalytic problem a sure entry solves the problem.

Benjamin Schwartz IN 1959.

The claim for more material is a product of the preconceived idea, that those glyphs are syllables, is true.

2. ledbetter

Ole Hagen: About the reception of the Phaistos disc solution.

So if I had had a mild fortune, my humble request complied with from the start for a rapid publication of my coded alphabetic notation of the stems, those exact same consequences of the stems would have been confirmed from every quarter of the globe by honest people in a matter of months. Now ridders of fortune rule instead .Everyone who was profoundly occupied in the past done with this very same topic must have had the same alert over and over again, like I did, that they were dealing with some mathematical construction. then overhearing this signal, they turned back to their established grammatical studies over the topic. Those are my witnesses.In a limited material as this one, new approaches shall always remind you of ideas of your own, but this is a dangerous illusion

3. traviata

Andrew Wiles on Solving Fermat: At this point you decided to work in complete isolation. You told nobody that you were embarking on a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Why was that?

I realized that anything to do with Fermat's Last Theorem generates too much interest. You can't really focus yourself for years unless you have undivided concentration, which too many spectators would have destroyed.

P.S. I never showed my results once,before 1985.

4. The Phaistos disc with its 46 unique signs

Perhaps the diversified looks of the glyphs have no other purpose, than to differentiate them into 46 dissimilar species for counting functions.

When the great number fall on your lottery ticket "your life’s investment", and when the payment of your prize is denied you criminally, then you are hold in a stuation similar to the one of loosing a child in a absurd incident. Even after 30 years passing, the loss is insufferable present. I ask: what tempted you? were you offered irrestible advantages for yourselves to turn your bag on this most beautiful example of code-breaking ever seen?

5. bird-eye

To understand to the bottom the properties of this structure is not of first priority; but to realise the obvious fact, that such system is not present in a linear inscription based on language, that decides the turning-point.

P.S. Do not download my videos, please, with the purpose to make you the distributer. That would disturb my circles. Do I need to say, that this is a warning not an advice ...

6. villa vid denna kælla


Anecdote no.32:

7. Secet chamber

The Phaistos disc range as "10 of the worlds biggest mysteries".

Now only 9 remain ...

Back in 1985 my trouble was to have gone through the enerving process of solving this enigma; It was not to get up against additional and artificial competition from the potential editors friends.

For this video I have used LEGO designer 4.3

8. Träumerei by R.Schumann

Uploadet den 13. nov. 2009. Dropped out, now reloaded.

I often enjoy to accompany classical music

In this case it is Vladimir Horowitz' return to Moscow (in the background);

but my real agenda is to promote those other videos of mine:

9. The Phaistos disc in a nutshell

The disc decomposed into its 365 constituents

Because of the 22 stem-forms the possibilities of a complete understanding of the Phaistos disc has changed from the hopeless to the tangible.

Only when you have reached emancipation from the slavery of a linguistic schedule, it is no-longer meaningless to count the signs instead. Only then the revelation of a calendar like this one appears by time.

When first a calendar of systems is detected, it will reflect itself in many different fascets. Such as my "fleur-de-lis calendar". The essential twenty nine units of the "gnomonical arrangement". " The step-pyramid", (the moon passes through all 13 constellations in a month, and therefore it is sited in the pisces 13 times over a year, et cetera).

10. Another Phaistos disc video

Andrew Wiles on Solving Fermat.

I realized that anything to do with Fermat's Last Theorem generates too much interest. You can't really focus yourself for years unless you have undivided concentration, which too many spectators would have destroyed.

NB. Now I had not a single spectator before 1985. Anyway I felt that the risk was to high to continue, without having my revolutionary discovery consolidated through a solid publication..

11. A golden Faberge egg inside the Phaistos disc

Andrew Wiles on Solving Fermat

At this point you decided to work in complete isolation. You told nobody that you were embarking on a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Why was that? I realized that anything to do with Fermat's Last Theorem generates too much interest. You can't really focus yourself for years unless you have undivided concentration, which too many spectators would have destroyed.

NB. Now I had not a single spectator before 1985. Anyway I felt that the risk was to high to continue, without having my revolutionary discovery consolidated through a publication.

12. The Infrastructure of The Phaistos disc

This video will demonstrate, how all relevant subgroupings on the Phaistos disc are countable alternating between seventeen and twelve.

My proof is cut out in cartoon, it is compared to pictorial lottery since 1986, and demonstrated by the aid of LEGO bricks, so that no-one,' except from total ignorants' can say, that they do not understand

N.B. I am looking forward to the reaction from Clay mathematic institute on an evaluation of my deed.

The Phaistos disc have ranged as "10 of the Worlds biggest unsolved mysteries"for a century. Now only 9 remain

13. FüR ELISE -(full version).

Sorry, soldiers of fortune! Turning points are non-gradable.

Ariadne's thread:


This video is mirrored in regard to right-handed players.

14. The Phaistos disc in alphabetic notation

I engaged my most preciuos years to simplify the complex of problem in this riot of signs, and I did it with success. Then I failed in getting my plain alphabetic notation submitted to debate of any due editorial house.

15. Variations of the Phaistos disc

This clip will serve as a mini-guide to my website.

The 22 combies

16. The Phaistos Disc, a Calendar Wheel.

Michael Ventris did decode the linear B script from Knossos in 1951. It was unexpected in Greek language. This is my contribution to yhe continued unravelling of the Minoan civilisation: The calendar of the Minoans.

From my website 14 years ago:

NB. Comment my break-through, please, and do that in public!

17. The Phaistos disc is a calendrical system.

The four unpaired stems have no "twins" and are therefore intergrated into the left over materiale in the inner coil, in this variation.


18. The gnomonical arrangement (Phaistos disc)

Phaistos squaredance of the bull gnomonic.htm

19. Venus and the Phaistos disc

25² -364 is equal to the 261 units of the Phaistos disc.

25² -365 is equal to 260 units like the Aztec's tsolkin.



20. Consider the Phaistos disc solved

The reduced stems have 29 absent signs (mainly of catagory I), which are recognizable, and which can be located. Again 46(17+12+17) absent signs of catagory II, III, which are recognizable, due to ’the gnomonical arrangement’, but they resist being placed correctly.

To remove all doubt, if the disc could express language. study this drawings:

21. The building bricks for the Minoan calendar

This is an educational video. Once again showing the ideal proportions, which are the definitive consequence of my 22 stem-forms.

I do mean, that my unusual discovery should have been helped forward immediately. Giving fame to lucky me. This would have happend in better days than those we experience today; but take heed, because only when the earth stands still, we no-more will need this calendar from Phaistos! or any other calendar for that sake. Help the wheels to spin around again!

The argument: No solution before more texts are unearthed, only makes sense, if the assumption, that these glyphs are syllables, is true.

Consider the inscription solved.

22. The lost Symbol of the Moon.

The surface of the moon is harder to read than the picturesque clouds in the sky, but feel sure, that the Mayan did try.

23. The Disc of the Moon from Phaistos

A transformation from one indicator "number twenty-two", to the next, number twenty-nine, due to complex patterns. 70 stems, 75 reduceded stems, 29 non-stems, and 17 Thorns. Basically a 29-days calendar with 17 days at the end of year.


If only the gnomonical arrangement had been the original imprint in the clay, then why would the functions in the square afterwards be hidden into the shape of a snake?

24. The Moon-calendar of the Phaistos disc

Incredibly this old inscription has, until now, resisted all deciphering attempts.

To study its spiral-form led to nowhere. Neither to straighten it out for linear translations.

The angel of approach should be the quad; you have to think in square numbers, symmetry in patterns or even in step-pyramids, to break the initial seals. It would have been a lot easier, if the inscription had all ready been arranged gnomonically in the clay.

This is for the moon

25. DisCrete Maths of the Phaistos Disc

When I chose to observe this riddle in 1982? No-one had ever before been capable of either ’stick or cut’ in this knot –This we do now -. I am thankful to the God above, who gave me the monopol to be the one that solved this riddle. My opinion of the persons, that counteracted my break-through, I shall leave untold on this occation.

26. Phaistos disc.

From day one I was victorious in my discovery. I still don't know, why anyone could be so unintelligent to disturbe my distribution of such a deed, inspite of all implications.

27. The Double Helix of the Phaistos Disc.

The twenty two pairs of stem-signgroups arranged in triples, revealing a hidden similarity between the two sides.

Yet another Gordian knot untied.

The information in the DNA is stored as a code, the sequence of the bases form the organism, similar to the way in which the stem-signs appear in a certain order on this disc to decide the gnomonical arrangement.

28. Come back baby - talk it over. - Bert Jansch' version

Then I would climb this mountains like a lumberjack ...

Singing the first chorus to show you the melody tune. ;-)

29. Hieroglyphs and Hierarchy - (Phaistos Disc).

My achievement of bringing the elements in ascending order by attatching numbers to all 61, can in principle be done in a variety of other ways inside a certain frame.

Dr. Christoph Henke:

with 32 scores and 29 failures.

Against mine 59 scores, and only 2 false

30. Up Amaryllis by Carl Michael Bellman

This is a archetype of a riddle: A woodpecker was in trouble of making an escape hole in a concrete wall. What did it do? Answer. It visited the cartoon character "Obelix" and got his magic portion, then broke the wall anyway.

That is approximately, what I did. Others reaction on my deed was a scarring experience of their self-exposure!

31. Augustine på guitar

32. The first time ever I saw your face. -by Bert Jansch

Music by Bert Jansch, followed up by a poem of Ewan MacColl.

33. Gavotte en Rondeau. J.S Bach

Each time I just get through this dance without an underway nervous break-down, I am rewarded with a "Snaps". - A Danish traditon!

34. The Phaistos disc alias the Minoan calendar

The unveiled infrastructure of the Phaistos disc' combination of pictographs is more magnificiant, than one would ever have imagined; like a view through a sublime kaleidoscop. At the same time, like Galileo's, these binoculars gives you insight in the heavenly figures of an ancient calendar.

35. Beethoven - his Vth symphony - - - _(Phaistos disc)

It is secured long time ago, by me in person:

That the Phaistos disc is a calendrical system, without any reminiscences of language involved.

Only the theme : - - - _

36.Toreador Song from Carmen (Phaistos disc)

Let the Bull speak!

Themes from Carmen by Bizet

The calendar is the provoked product of the refinement, I unravelled by the aid of the 22 stem-forms.

37. The secret of the Phaistos disc

I wrote: And the 75 reduced elements in between - reduced by one unit.

I meant writing: And the 75 +29 .non-stem elements..

Ole Hagen -

38. The lost symbol of the Phaistos disc

My uncensured manuscript from 2001 as a pdf.file:

The enigmatic Phaistos disc has an indistinct sign in the signgroup "A08".

This sign would be the definitive proof of my deciphering, if it shows to be sign "P".

39. Water-music Händel

Music I play on my water guitar. Theme. G.F.Händel 1685-1759

40. Alice's Wonderland by Bert Jansch

Alice's Wonderland from his first album "Bert Jansch".

Attension: This is not an advertisement for some freaky tobacco blend.

It is just, that I prefer freedom so much.

41. The 22 pair of sign-groups on the Phaistos disc

The initial six signgrous of side A, on the Phaistos disc, are in continuation of side B as proven by the 22 pair of signgroups.

42. A Lesson in Cryptanalysis

My uncensured manuscript from 2001 as pdf.file:

The Phaistos disc did conseal an ancient calendar

43. Knitting a Phaistos disc patch-work

My uncensured manuscript from 2001 as a pdf.file:

Proven sixty-one times !

It has no need to reverse the succesion of the sign, as it would have had in Words like "net and ten" except for in B04. The Phaistos disc is anything else, but language. My sugestion: The Minoan calendar. - Counterproof me. You are wellcome.

(11/12) 33 out of 36 signs, which occurs more than one time are incorporated as links in this chain.

My deciphering should have been accepted as the absolute favourite as long as a generation ago.

44. Stewball was a good horse

A song from "the Joan Baez Songbook". My music is all narrative. For example In this song I am immitating the neigh of a horse;´/)

45. Heroic polonaise

This is the theme in the polonaise called "heroic", opus 53 in A-flat major for piano by Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) Notice that if Chopin would have been 200 years old next year on Februar the 22 th, but he died at the young age of 39 of tuberculosis. (perhaps his health got worse in that his room-maid Georg Sand costantly was smoking cigars)

For my part I wear latex gloves under performances, as my humble attribution to spare the environment.


46. Bridal march

Respectively 'Bridal march 'by Richard Wagner, and 'Wedding march' by Felix Mendelssohn.

The choreography is from Australian Jason Waldron.

The amateur who plays is me ;-)

47. Funeral March of a Marionette

I see rattling skeletons as undertakers in a horse drawn hearse, when I hear this theme "Funeral March for a Marionette" by Charles Gounod.

So chosen as theme song by 'Alfred Hitchcock presents'


48. Epistel 71 -Ulla, min Ulla.

Carl Michael Bellman (b.1740). A born salesman of ruby wine? No, a most skilful, and still famous, Swedish composer and poet. I am here tempting epistel numero 71.

Suitable for karaoke, try it ...

49. Capricho Arabe –serenata

Me in the exercising room rehearsing another 'caprice'. For those who are interested :

50. Sonata in C – Mozart

Part of my quantitative project over classical themes.

Mozart invented the Klockenheimer method, which fits the guitar so well. Sonata in C major, and Symphony no. 40.

My homepage:

51. Lady Nothynge's toy Puffe

A John Renbourn tune from the seventies, - baroque style -. Signature : Lady Nothynges toye puffe.

I try my best! Not quite as strong as when I was young ;-)

52. Earl of Salisbury

The elizabethan composer William Byrd wrote this pavan in 1613, in memory of Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury.

53. La Paloma.

"La Paloma" is an140 years old universal hit.made by a sailing Spaniard Sebastian Iradier. The song is about: white doves escaping the wrecked Persian fleet outside the shore of Mount Athos in 492 B.C.So introducing that dove to Europe.

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