Survey of all 365 units

Yet again twelve months of 29 days, and seventeen ekstra days at the end of the year.


The 50 cartouches in the top, on the grey-coloured floor of this drawing, involve the 22 stem-signgroups of 44 groups, and the six unpaired stem-signgroups. together containing 290 units, including absent units and thorns.
The succession of those 50 cartouches is modest re-arranged (from the original succession on the disc) by the purpose to keep the 22 pairs close connected, and also to gain five double months of 58 unit-days on line.
The fifth double month uses the 16 thorns of the stem-signgroups to obtain the count up to its 58 units.
Now the lower deck on the drawing with a pink floor contains the "non-stem-signgroups" out of which eigth constitute a last sixth periode of 58 days (curiously located on uneven numbers).
Are the non-stem signggroups reservoirs for the superior calculation going on in the 50 stem-signgroups?
Finally I try out the three signgroups :B03, A13, and A18 as representing 17 orange epigomenal days in this 29 x12 moon-calendar. Curiously giving 29 signgroups on side A, and 29 signgroups on side B.
Conclusion: More interlaced systems framed by a calendar. This is as close as we get by now: A verifiable approximation of the truth to the question "What is the Phaistos disc about?". On this you can rely.
Think about the gnomonical arrangement "*", think about the hierachical order of the elements"*", and do not forget how all the signgroups will be stitched together into one string "*"'no criss cross' ...remind it all! Pure language is not the case!, but a calendar is 'no doubt' vividly present in the inscription.
NB. As a contrast: In my demonstration of a  eigth month extracted calendar, simply the 120 absent units with the thorns are establishing the four missing month in a sun-calendar.
GVD. When you hopefully have send out for assessment your evident "break through" one hundred times, you never try it the one hundred and one time. This would be an impossibility. -Ask any victim of torture,why this can not be done.

In the figure above, I attempt to guess the identity of the absent units, and use the condition, that no identical stem-element is allowed to be present two times in the same sign group. The gnomonical arrangement limits the choices, further.

This is an illustration of the true message concealed in the Phaistos disc. The tendencies are unmistakably for 29 in shift between 12 and 17.


Conditions : A07 = /a i W,  A08 = ZÆBA.

The legends attached to this figure tells all; but now my plain explanation.
The outer coil contains all visible signs on the disc except from the four unpaired stems and deducted with A31 too. Those parts together counts 11 signs and one absent unit. They are indented into the inner (orange) coil, established by all the absent units, thorns included. Total count; 132 units.
The outer coil now holds 60 signgroups classified in 12 parts of  29 signs, each twelve part holding either 8 or 7 signgroups.The total of 232 signs.
Curiously side B holds 116 signs, out of which the 15 uneven numbered signgroups contain 58 signs (46 absent units).  
A similar situation counts for side A. (exc. A31), though with a margin of one sign.
Each twelve part of the inner coil has a tendency of containing either 12 or 17 units with the exception of B08 - B14+, which possess 19 units, and B15 - B22+ with 22 units (12+17+12).  See drawing.
In the center of the circle I have placed a stylized picture of the relations, described above.

NB. The four unpaired stems have no "twins" and could be intergratedton the material in excess from the stems.

The Phaistos disc is a 29 x12 -day calendar


Basically this inscription is build by four ingredients, with the condition: A08 = PZÆBA.

a) 70 stem-elements of 140 signs (12 +17 +12 +17 +12) x2, and

b) 75 reduced elements of 150 units (17 +12 17 +12 +17) x2,

c) 29 non-stem elements of 58 units 12 +17 +12 +17, and

d) 17 diminished elements "thorns"

The Phaistos disc range as "10 of the World's biggest unsolved mysteries"; -Now only 9 remain


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