The Phaistos disc. - An eight months calendar

The Eleusinian mysteries of Demeter and Kore are believed to be a continuation of a Minoan worshipping of the Godess’. The cult included that Kore was reunited with her mother (Godess of harvest), giving the eight flourishing months of the year; but was held in the underworld by Hades in the barren Winthers season.

In the glossary over all the linear-B tablets from Knossos and Pylos, you actually find the deities names, both Demeter and Kore, and you also find eight names of months only: wo-de-wi-jo-jo, de-u-ki-jo-jo, pa-ki-ja-ni-jo-jo, ka-ra-e-ri-jo, di-wi-jo-jo, ra-pa-to, pa-ra-?, and a-ka-?-jo-jo.

Eight months are equal to 244 days. The same as the total number of ‘visible’ symbols on the Phaistos disc.

The earliest known Roman calendar (600 B.C.E) was abbreviated too. Containing ten months of 304 days, and again an unaccounted Winther season of 61 days. This was the ceremonial calendar of Rome. Of course they knew the exact calendar too. Like the Mayan with a ceremonial (astronomical) tsolkin of 260 days (The Phaistos disc with 261 units).

Back in Rome, the names of the ten active months were: Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December.

Thus the Phaistos disc, as in my conception, is in all parts, in common consent to what we would expect from a newly emerged ancient ceremonial calendar from Crete.

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