22 pair of stem sign-groups

In this moon calendar I have replaced the eleven reduced sign-groups (they do not contain any stems), those eleven are composed of 30 +29 signs, as seen in the figure below, and are placed as the two last lines.

The ten lunations at the top are the 50 stem sign-groups -They are arranged in such a way, so that the components of the 22 pair of sign-groups, having contact with each other; besides, no method have been used.

In the right margin the eleven signs, which were removed to make this calendar arrangement a possibility, with its 12 lunations of alternating 29 and 30 days, and 5 weeks per month. Moreover these eleven characters add 11 days to the 12 lunations of 354 days, so catching up with the 365-day year.

N.B. This eleven signs are absent too in the gnomonical arrangement.

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